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THIS IS NOT A STORY ABOUT LOVE. It’s about the real world, where everyone has psychic powers. Even you. Even me. Even Hoshi’s ex-boyfriend who won’t stop pestering them. What does he want?

“RAS” PAPILLON is a complete gender disaster (and a clown to boot). He’s fabulous, flirtatious, and funny in the strangest way. He can make you laugh with just one look. You’d think this social butterfly wouldn’t need help getting anybody’s attention…

And yet.

There is a young woman at the center of the universe. Her name is MIEL PAZ FONSECA, she’s trying to find herself in this wide world, and she has no clue her life is about to get turned upside down. All of a sudden, she’s the center of attention. Who are these fabulous strangers, and why won’t they leave her alone?

THIS IS A STORY ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS; the ex whose bridge you burned, the ride-or-die friendships, the people who show up out of the blue and change you forever. This is a story about the real world, and the year everything changed.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

THE FABULOUS GAYS, VOLUME 2 is a 343-page novel about a bunch of queer disasters with psychic powers. This bundle contains DRM-free digital editions of the book in three formats:

  • PDF - Most similar to the print version of the book, best for reading on a tablet, on a big smartphone, or on your computer.
  • EPUB - Compatible with pretty much any modern device. Customize the font, margins, line spacing, and more. Perfect for your smartphone's built-in books app.
  • MOBI - Compatible only with older Kindle Reading Devices. Has the same level of customization as EPUB.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Hello. How many books are planned in the series? Just trynna make my reading scedule here.


This series is going to flow more like a manga than a traditional book series (hence why I took to calling them volumes rather than books/parts). Volume 1-3 will cover the first arc. Volume 3 is already written/edited, and we're looking to release it next year~  😇